What does Legacy mean for your community?

  • A dedicated Board-Certified Pain Management Physician oversees a comprehensive pain management and physical medicine program. The physician will collaborate with your community's entire Interdisciplinary Team

  • Reduction in hospital readmissions due to on-site enhanced Pain Management and Physical Management protocols/best practices

  • Increased functional independence, reduced or eliminated pain, and improved quality of life for your residents

  • Increased rate of successful resident discharge to home

  • Appropriate evaluation of pain and prescription utilization

Legacy Spine & Pain Management

Increased compliance

  • State survey preparedness

  • F684 prevention

  • Ongoing assessment of 802 matrix

  • Ongoing assessment of Casper Report

  • Assistance with census development, enhancing your reputation, while creating a competitive advantage for your organization

  • Onsite trigger point and guided ultrasound injections

Best practices utilized and taught to your staff by trained pain management professionals

  • Decreasing transportation, offsite idle time and costs associated

Ongoing outcomes tracking, including:

  • Pain intensity levels

  • Medication utilization

  • Mobility assessment

  • Length of stay

  • Hospital readmission due to pain